Adware and Spyware have become familiar terms in the lexicon of Internet jargon. Their definitions range from helpful cookies that many people choose to have on their computer to programs that can actually steal your identity. That's a pretty big area. That's why any information of these important subjects needs to include definitions of exactly what actually encompasses both adware and spyware.

Adware / Spyware

Adware / SpywareAdware and Spyware have become familiar terms in the lexicon of Internet jargon. Their definitions range from helpful cookies that many people choose to have on their computer to programs that can actually steal your identity. That's a pretty big area. That's why any information of these important subjects needs to include definitions of exactly what actually encompasses both adware and spyware.Adware is software that provides advertising, usually in the form of pop ups, and gathers general information, by using cookies, through the user's Internet connection. Adware is often packaged with free downloaded programs. By definition, adware, by itself, is not dangerous, but can fall into the annoying category. Adware can generate constant pop up advertising when the downloaded program is running. It can also place cookies on your computer that will provide information about you when you click on the pop ups or log on to the original program download site. If users register the downloaded program, usually games, and pay the registration fee, the adware disappears. If you download a free program, there is a reasonable probability it will contain some form of adware. So far, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Many people happily trade payment for enduring a few pop up advertisements and don't care if their general Internet surfing habits are being tracked. The problem begins when they become intrusive. That's when adware becomes spyware.When adware is expanded to use your computer's resources to steal information, it becomes spyware. Spyware is like the Trojan horse that is discussed on our Virus article. Computer users who are installing a program or swapping files (i.e. music downloads) may also be installing a spyware program whose purpose is to monitor your computer activity and gather your private and confidential information. This includes e-mail addresses, user passwords and certainly any credit card numbers you enter when making a purchase on-line. They can also happily install other spyware programs, hijack your web browser by changing your home page and your browser's search engine. All the time it is sending back information to the bad guys, who will use it for their own advertising purposes, sell it to other bad guys or use it to steal your identity. To do all this, spyware uses your computer's memory resources and bandwidth. This can slow your computer to a crawl, especially if you use memory intensive programs. Spyware is not good.Do you have adware and/or spyware on your computer? The chances are absolutely outstanding that you do. This may not be a problem, but sometimes it could be disastrous. Some of the signs that your computer may be infected are:1. Your web browser looks a little different. New toolbars suddenly appeared. The search engine you use is different. A brand new home page suddenly appeared.2. Pop up advertisements that aren't related to the web site you are viewing are appearing with disturbing regularity. You click on links that go to nowhere. Ads for pornographic web sites start popping up on your computer. Your "new" search engine produces web sites unrelated to your query.3. Your Windows desk top takes longer to load than it did in the past. This is because lots of spyware programs have added themselves to the Windows start up procedure and load every time you turn on your computer.4. Your computer is running slower than normal.If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you probably are infected and need to take some action.There are hundreds of Spyware programs on the market. Most offer a free on-line inspection of your computer to see if any spyware is present. Since their scans always find something, it's a great way to market their product. However, it's probably a good idea to dig a little deeper before making a buying decision.Some anti-virus programs include adware and spyware elements as part of the basic program. Check yours and see if you have a spyware feature and if it is activated. If it is, and you still are experiencing problems, make sure you have downloaded the latest updates.At Jamison Software, we look at viruses and spyware as two different problems and have chosen to attack them with two different programs. When selecting a spyware program we looked at numerous reviews and tested several (they all have 30 day free trials) on different computers before making a decision. Spyware and anti-virus programs work basically the same way. They develop large data bases or encyclopedias of known adware and spyware. The computer is scanned against these data bases and the culprits are identified and deleted or placed in a quarantine folder where they can't continue to cause trouble. These data bases are constantly updated in order to keep up with the spyware developers. Good Spyware programs should do two things well. They should maintain great data bases and provide fast, proactive customer service.Why do we like two programs? Viruses and Spyware are cousins and sometimes there is a gray line between the two. With two data bases, we can sometimes stay ahead of the curve, finding a problem in one program that is actually solved by the other. Here's an example.We use and highly recommend Spysweeper by Webroot software. One feature of Spysweeper is that it identifies new programs that will start when Windows starts. If no new programs are being installed, this means only one thing-spyware. When that happens, an alert screen appears and there is an option to remove the offending program. Sometimes that procedure is successful and the problem is resolved. However, occasionally the program reappears all by itself in a second or two. We have a virus. That information can be passed on to AVG Anti-virus Systems, our Anti-virus software provider, and within hours an update removing the offender is downloaded and implemented. This happened several times on our test computer (we did not use a firewall to attempt to create just this scenario) and we were very pleased with the results. We also found that Trojan horse files with a .pif suffix were the main culprits.If you are concerned about spyware, we recommend Spysweeper. We found the data base very thorough and up to date and their customer service team responsive. When we had to upload suspected spyware for their review, they provided detailed, easy to follow instructions.Buy and Download Software Online - Free Trials Available

Stopping 100% Of Spam In 7 Minutes Flat!

Stopping 100% Of Spam In 7 Minutes Flat!

Quit some time ago, I dont remember where exactly, I read about a technique to stop receiving spam for good which worked very good for me and it will soon work for you as well.Here is the quick run down1. Stop using any email address that currently receives spam. Yeap its tuff and harsh, but will 100% sure kill all your current spam.With any body that you want to stay in contact with, give them a unique email address of yours as described below in point 5.The next step is to setup a system to protect you from future spam. Note that the following instructions all have to be followed in your servers cPanel area.The cPanel web host I use and recommend is Kiosk. a) If you have more then one domain name, setup your catch all addresses for all except one of your domains to: :fail: unknown. Contact me at If you have just one domain name, add forwarders from all email addresses that used to receive spam to::fail: unknown. Contact me at With your remaining or only domain, create a secret POP3 email box, e.g. ur-catch-all-dom.com5. Whenever you need to give somebody somewhere an email address, just make up an email address that identifies the person or company you give it to or etc.Now, the final step how to maintain your spam free system6. If you ever start to receive spam at any of your new email addresses, simply add a forwarder in your servers cPanel area server from that email address to::fail: unknown. Contact me at it and you will never have to worry about spam again. :)You will cut off 100% of spam you currently receive and make is very easy to cut off future spam.Plus, by using this method you can always see who leaked out your email address. And if that happens you simply use step 6 from above to be spam free again in seconds

One click-way to make your folder icons tell what's inside

One click-way to make your folder icons tell what

ONE CLICK-WAY TO MAKE YOUR FOLDER ICONS TELL WHATS INSIDEMajority of those whose work involves the computer can tell that many folders in one directory can be a problem, especially when it comes to searching for a particular folder in a hurry. Why? The answer is simple you cannot tell the folders apart because they all look same yellow. In many cases, having customized folders (color-coded or folders with some image on) makes it much easier to find the needed one and tell whats in the folder.If you have Microsoft Windows, you already have a way to change a folder icon with the one from the default set that comes with Windows but there are two buts here. The first is that as it is with any default set of something, there is not much choice. The second but is the time you are going to spend to change a folder icon. Basically itll take you 8 steps to change one folder icon.TO CHANGE AN ICON OF A FOLDER, YOU NEED TO DO THE FOLLOWING:You start here > right click the folder > select Properties > click Customize tab > click Change Icon > select an icon from the list of default ones > click OK > click Apply > OK againWhew! At last we got it: changed the folder icon.As a technical writer, I create lots of documents and lots more folders. Over the years my computer has accumulated thousands of them and for a long time I wished I could customize folders to tell them apart. So, I used the default set of folder icons to customize specific folders and that change-folder-icon-in-eight-steps method I described above.However not long ago I found a better solution. Its named Folder Marker and it tackles the too-many-folders problem in a more elegant manner than Windows tools.A BETTER SOLUTIONAs the name implies, "Folder Marker" ( uses a marker metaphor to make some folders easier to find. After installing it, you work as you normally do. When you want to customize some folder to make it more prominent than the others, you simply right click on it, select Folder Marker and select an icon that may be a folder icon of some specific color (red, blue, green, etc) or a folder icon with some image on it that symbolizes its purpose. On selecting, the icon is applied to a folder instantly. Instead of 8 operations to customize a folder, you make 2 thats a big difference because you can apply the icon of a folder almost without interrupting your computation.I find Folder Marker very useful in many ways. Mostly it helps me to prioritize project folders. Depending on the working status and project completeness, I can customize folders as Half-Done Work, Done Work, Approved and Pending. Besides, I often use Normal Priority icon to mark folders that do not require my immediate attention, High Priority icon to customize folders that need to be done soon because the deadline is coming. For projects that can wait for a longer time, I use Low Priority icon.These priority labeled folders help me get organized and deliver projects on time.In addition to applying Priority icons to folders, I often use color-coded folder icons. They also help me customize folders to make them easier to find and see whats inside. The logic behind the colors can be anything you want. For example, I share my computer with a colleague and in the past, we often deleted each others documents by mistake. Now I mark my folders red, she marks her own folders green and we can conveniently share one computer because we know that this folder belongs to me and that one belongs to my colleague.Customized folders can help you organize work on a computer you share with somebody else.Folder Marker ( provides me with a great choice of folder icons to choose from. The default set can be expanded and I can add my own icons I found on the Web.There is another lovely feature in the program that I often use. Sometimes I have to move documents onto my laptop when I am going away. I save customized folders to my USB drive and the wonderful thing is that they do not change their look. Thats because Folder Marker can make customized folder icons portable. So when I start my laptop, I see the same folders with the same icons as if it were my desktop computer! Folder Marker is a little cute application thats worth its virtual weight in the agony and frustration when you are looking for a particular folder and cannot find it because you see literally a jungle of yellow folders. I found myself changing folder icons for more meaningful and prominent ones just because Folder Marker made it such fun.Folder MArker's Website:

Computer Problem Solutions can be undertaken in a variety of methods

Computer Problem Solutions can be undertaken in a variety of methods

In now a day's contemporary world, computer learning programs, computer training is considered to have the most importance to almost everyone. Computer skills, business computer solutions are a must no matter whether you are entering the workforce. The usage of computer, e learning has grown beyond basic word processing and balancing your check book to advanced technology. The computer, e learning has invaded almost every face of our modern lives, and thus it has become a necessity to be able to use and understand the computer.

Computer training, computer problem solutions can be undertaken in a variety of methods, and can cover computer tips a variety of subjects. Let's take a look at some of the options out there that are available to the computer troubleshooting, the average user, and even the self-proclaimed expert computer user. Many long term computer users find that on taking a computer training, "computer troubleshooting" class occasionally they can keep themselves updated computer tech support and stay on top of the ever-changing technology and computer learning software of the computer industry.
Computer training, online training has always stayed with the traditional way of classroom. Across all the countries many young people are being trained in online training computer use. In fact, the most of the times e learning starts much earlier in developed countries like the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Colleges also offer courses on e learning computer use.
And the other method of computer training, software training, and training videos can be also through correspondence courses. Online classes, online tech support are available for many websites, and some offer complete course loads online training, so you can get a websites completely from home, by just attending to the software training conducted on the net.

Computer training that is worth noting is that of software tutorials using video and/or audio software. However, today you can purchase specialized software or videos software training that will provide you training at your own pace, hands-on, without having to be online.
There are an endless variety of ways to get these training videos, and some people even prefer to teach themselves based on specific subjects of web based software training interest and their ability to conduct research.

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Case Study: Successful Implementation of CRM

Recently, a company spent $25 million in CRM system's execution. The company has been one of the leading forest-products companies in the world but for the past several years, office products - pens, computers, desks etc., have comprised the largest segment of its annual sales. One-third of the company's revenue is generated from its online business and because office product customers rely on flawless e-commerce site performance to help reduce their administrative overhead, competition within this sector is strong. What Prompted The Company To Go For CRM? Of late, the company's application server was failing to meet volume and performance expectations.The web site was not integrated with customer account information, so clients with questions about order position or account balances flooded the call centers. The customers were demanding and each customer had different needs. As the company was in B2B business, managers of the contracted company were primarily treated as customers. After a lot of discussion, the management decided to go for CRM to:Implement electronic report delivery - to eliminate report production costsScalability - to manage the growth of users and reportsEase of use - to respond in a timely and precise manner to all users, both inside and outside of the organisation.The initiative was started to invest in CRM to strengthen the company's internal processes and also to provide customers with a greater economic value. Roadmap To Implement CRM The implementation was planned in a phased manner. During the design phase of the implementation, a cross-functional team was chalked out of business and IT managers.This was done to ensure that the IT department had a comprehensive understanding of the business strategies and customer's needs. Different sets of requirements were made for different customer profiles.How each individual client interacted with the organisation was given chief importance. It was concluded that there were primarily three areas where client interaction was most - customer service center, dispatch department and online portal.This process helped the company to focus on specific technologies that would improve customer service and discard those that weren't right for the company's goals.Consequently, the company bought individual software applications (instead of a complete end-to-end CRM system) for customer interaction and operation management and integrated them with the existing order-processing technologies.Putting CRM Into Operation Once all the building blocks were placed in order, it wasn't a difficult task for the IT department to implement the CRM system.It was decided to apply the new technology to the two largest customer channels, phone and web and so it was paramount that both remain fully functional.As the company had a huge client base, most of the production deployment was done over the weekend when there was less number of client calls and when there was less number of people accessing the company's web site.The data migration was another step which was carved out with utmost importance because it required cleansing of the 2.2 million customer records from multiple disparate databases into a single customer profile database. Mantra For Successful Implementation of CRM The company was able to successfully implement CRM because much of its focus was on customer convenience.It always maintained the sync between the business and IT departments, so as to ensure everyone was on the same page.Vigilant and correct choice of CRM software was another major step that helped the company to move ahead with a smooth and successful implementation.In the end, the company was rewarded with increased revenue, customer retention and positive feedback from all sectors - both in-house and out-house.

Computer Software Genres That Help Students Think!

A music genre is a classification system that places different instructional materials into neat categories that help teachers choose what to use and when. Content area, developmental floor, and student interests often drive these decisions. Similarly, computing machine software system tin be placed within genres to aid teachers in selecting the best resource for a particular thought skill or process. Core cerebration skills, for example, used for surface-storey intellection, such as organizing a list of supplies and resources needed for a science undertaking. Complex processing would be required to generate a display describing the task's hypothesis, method of investigation, and summary of conclusions. Each story of processing is important for successfully completing a science labor. Once preparation computing device-amalgamated lessons associated with various levels of mentation, teachers should consider which software package is most appropriate. Core skills often matched with package genres that promote quick recollection of staple facts and that rich person great potential for automatizing certain skills (Sewell 1990). Mental vigor used to rehearse the steps of a procedure or reminiscence the attributes of a simple concept drains the energies needed for higher-spirit level processes (Mayer 2002). students tin can complete a task automatically (e.g., steps in long division) and callback necessary facts efficiently (e.g., multiplication tables), the cognitive load is reduced, leading to increased mental vigour and capacity (Park and Hannafin 1993). Software categories within this writing style include drills, multimedia system tutorials, acquisition games, reading management programs (e.g., Accelerated Reader(TM)), and intermingled eruditeness systems. exploitation mixed erudition systems (e.g., SuccessMaker Enterprise by Pearson; Academy of READING55 by AutoSkill), the classroom might consider presenting the tutorial example victimization a digital projector or large-screen monitor for whole-class or small-group teaching. Most structured learnedness systems wealthy person options for altering or delaying the sequence of skills, which allows the to guide class discussion while progressing through the . Continued from page 1. Most teachers hard-pressed to successfully incorporate both trouble solving and BASIC skill mastery during the instructional minutes available during the school week. The pressure of preparing students for remember and application of knowledge toilet be reduced by provision educational activity around core and complex processes. Students need both levels to be successful job solvers and to master basal knowledge and skills (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory 1999). To effectively integrate computers into teaching, students' skills must be a priority. The goal is to align processes appropriately with the 's function. By categorizing by literary genre and matching it to the desired skills, teachers lavatory plan deterrent example activities which discrete skills as well as complex processes that will prepare students for a lifetime of solving. The power of portfolios: What children con us about scholarship and assessment.San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Cognitive theory and the designing of command: An example of the two-way street between cognition and statement.


Adware and Spyware have become familiar terms in the lexicon of Internet jargon. Their definitions range from helpful cookies that many people choose to have on their computer to programs that can actually steal your identity. That's a pretty big area. That's why any information of these important subjects needs to include definitions of exactly what actually encompasses both adware and spyware.